Colorado's 1st Nature Explore Classroom, Old Town Ft Collins

Ah, the simple joys of childhood!

Barefoot toes sifting through the soil, a breath of fresh air, warm sunshine filtering through the wavering tree branches, a puddle formed by a passing rainstorm, icicles suspended from the rooftop of the play fort, the genuine beauty of our earth, awakens the senses of the child.

Carefree days are filled with child-led adventures to local child-oriented destinations: The Gardens at Spring Creek, CSU Environmental Learning Center, The Farm at Lee Martinez Park, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, as well as, an abundance of backyard discoveries; a yellow star-shaped flowering cucumber, green mint leaves, grasshoppers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… roly polys, robins caring for their young, and a visit from a juvenile bald eagle!

Daily play-based exploration (including our youngest!) explores the joys of their natural world. A li’l fishing in the babblin’ brook, a naturally handcrafted campfire, 3, 2, 1, blastoff…a trip into outer space, submerging oneself in a mud puddle, hangin’ out in a hammock, inventing mad scientist potions, strumming sticks on a xylophone, hand tappin’ on a drum, or simply, the sensation of the discovery of ‘coldness’ upon holding snow in ones hands.

Seasonal items; apples, gourds, pine swags, etc., National Geographic Little Kids magazines, gift contributions used to purchase open-ended pvc pipes and connectors, an old fashion hand water pump, a space station tent and tunnel set, beautiful yard art, … are just a few ways the following families have blessed our Nature Explore Classroom: Sean/Alison Rogers, Sean/Alysce Christian, Benton Collier/Sarah Steneman, Jason Buck/Suzanne Farris, Chris/Lauren Farley, John/Chris Mitchell, Jordy/Meghan Oleson, and Andrea/Russ Schumacher, thank you All!

Theresa Jekel, Owner


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