Colorado's 1st Nature Explore Classroom, Old Town Ft Collins

… just another day in Paradise.

At morning drop-off, a parent asks me, “What do you have planned today?” I reply, “To foster child-led, open-ended, nature-based learning, in our li’l Paradise on earth; aka, our Nature Explore Classroom.”

In all honesty, I never quite know what each day may bring, other than pure beauty, delight and happiness.

A wooden stick-fort one day becomes a forest where wild animals frolic, a gentle rain provides an opportunity for a li’l explorer to not only collect water droplets, but make use for other discoveries, a heavy snowstorm invites a total sensory experience as one falls backward in the dense blanket of snow, hot summer days bring forth waterplay with a sluice and mud action in honor of International Mud Day, where I heard a li’l one say, “I’m never getting out – my Mama’s going to miss me!”.

Everyone is an artist when you ‘paint our natural world’ or color oneself with indigo blue chalk. Additionally, as the kiddos began water painting a wooden fence, I heard them say, “No Theresa. No teachers. Only workers allowed!”Interpretation: Trust us; we’ve got this!

The addition of a bass foot pedal, cymbals and wooden sticks, encourages everyone to be a rockstar! With a few more impromptu instruments and buddies, you have your own rock band … pure beauty, pure delight and pure happiness.


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